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The term E-Learning was coined by US learning guru Mr. Elliott Masie in November 1999, when he delivered his speech at the TechLearn Conference: “E-Learning is the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, and extend learning”.


E-Learning continues to gain ground in the education filed. Government and Businesses started implement it to develop their staff.


The GBN E-Learning Platform Why E-Learning is so attractive, and what exactly is it?


When people say “E-Learning”, they’re referring to training on digital devices. For example, watching an educational video, reading an interesting article, or taking a quiz.  All that is E-learning.


Comparing E-Learning to Traditional Education, E-Learning can’t replace the full-scale of education. However, it is always available as long as you have your digital device with you, and thus, it’s more convenient. That is one of the main reasons why people love E-Learning.



Benefits of E-Learning for Businesses


Today, many companies, from large enterprises to small startups, use E-learning to develop their employees, upgrade their qualifications, teach them new skills, or retrain them for new positions.


The GBN E-Learning Platform Lower Training Costs: With E-learning, you don’t have to spend a fortune hosting seminars, renting hotel rooms, and covering travel expenses. You can simply develop an online course and share it.


Wider Coverage: You can train hundreds of people across the world with no distance learning barriers. People don’t need to spend time attending classroom lectures. All they need is a digital device and Internet access.



                       E-Learning is becoming the new standard of Education.


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