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13/01/2021, Waleed Jamal Jawad - Alnajaf - Iraq

It is great. Good and easy withdrawal of my profits in only 30 minutes. GBN is the right way to make a big future for me and my family. My advice to anybody who reads this, don't be late to be a member of GBN.

Waleed Jamal
19/10/2020, Ahmed Kaley - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Funds Transfer
My first Funds Transfer was quick, simple, and flawless!
Bravo GBN you got it RIGHT

Ahmed Kaley
13/10/2020, Siham Hebah - Abu Dhabi - Uae
20 Dollar gift
I would like to thank the company for the $20 gift much appreciated

Siham Hebah
13/10/2020, Siham Hebah - Abu Dhabi - Uae
Booking Tickets
My experience booking and buying a ticket was so easy and comfortable with a big difference in price comparing to the other websites and apps .. I really recommend to use what this company offers.

Siham Hebah
11/10/2020, Ayat Abdulhadi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
مكافاة الشركة للاعضاء الذهبيين
السلام عليكم
لقد تفاجأت بحصولي على ٢٠ دولار هدية ؟؟؟ مكافاة من الشركة لبداية انطلاقها بشكل رسمي وانا فخورة جدا بانني عضوة فالشركة واتمنى التوفيق للجميع ؟؟؟ وشكرا جزيلا على كرمكم

11/10/2020, Ahmed Kaley - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Global Business Network will be Big Player in The Industry
I have seen many starter Companies in this
Industry since more than 20 years and I would
say that GBN got it right from the start.
Secondly they have the product and Services that
are the present and the future of the New World we live in
Thirdly they are offering a program that no other company is
Fourthly their Compensation plan is one created out of the box
for the new and the experience as well.
I predict its impact will be felt all over the world very soon

Ahmed Kaley
15/09/2020, Gbn Global - Abu Dhabi - Uae
جلوبال بزنس نتوورك هي فرصة عالمية يجب على الجميع الإستفادة منها

شركة عظيمة - خدمات رائعة - خطة دخل عالية

شكرا جلوبال بزنس نتوورك
15/09/2020, Gbn Global - Abu Dhabi - Uae
The Chance
GBN is a Global Opportunity that everybody should take the advantage from it.

Great Company - Great Services - Great Compensation Plan.

Thanks GBN

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The Executive Team
  Dear Business Partners,Greetings,   As part of our ongoing efforts to develop Global Business Network and strengthen its position in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry, I am pleased to announce the company’s Board of Directors’ decision to make the following appointments:   Mr. Akram Raafat - Legal CounselMr. Ibrahim Ibrah - Director / Kingdom of Morocco   On this occasion, on behalf of all of us, I congratulate the honorable gentlemen for gaining the confidence of the company’s Board of Directors and wish them success in their new responsibilities. I look forward to the added value they will bring to the company’s performance, and I invite everyone to cooperate with them and provide continuous support and work in a tea... 
Leisure and Entertainment Platform
  Dear Business Partners,   We promised you to fulfill our promises and Timing. In the past few months we have worked tirelessly on building one of our New Service Platforms, and today, thankfully, we are pleased to announce the launch of the long-awaited platform, our Leisure and Entertainment platform. This platform includes great discounts, especially designed for our Golden Members, and we are sure that this platform will help you enjoy your experience with us even more   We have worked hard to obtain what it contains from International and Local stores to satisfy the various desires and aspirations of our customers. Not only that, the ease of design and development of the platform allows you to quickly search and use the platform. All you have to do is use the m... 
2021 Membership Offer
  Dear Business Pertners,   ِAs usual Great news and great opportunity.Based on a suggestion from our Marketing Leaders and our continuous initiatives to support them.We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of Global Business Network has approved the activation of the $105 Membership for the year 2021.Congratulations to everyone for this opportunity, and we wish you greater successes and higher profits with the company.Take the advantage of this generous offer by upgrading your membership now and don't forget to invite your friends to join.     We wish you continued Health, and Success     Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 
2021 Offers
  Dear Business Partners,   2021 Offers has started and we are pleased to announce the February Offer.   Are you ready to get a 2 Nights Stay for 2 People at Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi ?!   If the answer is yes.  This is your right moment to achive it.         What do i need to do?!  Just follow the simple Plan below...         We are waiting to see you all here at Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi ...       Follow Us:     
New Website Updates
Dear Business Partners,   We have made some updates to the website, as some new pages were added, and some were modified.   We also made some improvements to the member's area to facilitate the follow-up process of the Marketing Network.   Kindly review the website changes and your member's area modification, and express your opinions or suggestions by communicating with the company from inside your account or the company's WhatsApp.     A Fresh Year is a Fresh Life. We wish you all the best and success for 2021         Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 


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" جلوبال بزنس نتوورك هي فرصة عالمية يجب على الجميع الإستفادة منها شركة عظيمة - خدمات رائعة - خطة دخل عالية شكرا جلوبال بزنس نتوورك "

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