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Global Business Network is the First Emirati Marketing Company that uses Word Of Mouth Advertising (WOMA) as a Marketing Strategy to promote its products and services locally and globally. GBN was established in 10/10/2020, with the Mission to provide the market with the best All-in-One Electronic Platform of High-Quality Services and Products combined with a unique Business Development Plan to achieve maximum returns for its strategic partners.



About GBN Company


The company seeks to make a positive impact on the individual’s income within the Emirates and globally, through its marketing program to achieve a rewarding return for better and sustainable future.



The company is committed to achieving the strategic goals of building the individuals economy in conjunction with the crisis of increasing pressure on the global economy.  




The company provides an honest business opportunity through Its various service platforms, that would give the individuals the opportunity to achieve the greatest possible benefit locally and globally.



At GBN we look forward to participate in projects locally and globally that would help individual development to create more opportunities for future generations.


Our commitment rises from the directives of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates, inspired by the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, "may God rest his soul", to provide a free, dignified and stable life for our children.





    To become the next Wave-Makers and Market-Leaders by building an empire for newcomers.




    To provide the market with the best All-in-One Electronic Platform of high-quality services and products combined with a unique business plan.




        • Commitment & Credibility
        • Excellence & Creativity
        • Team Work



From Day One, GBN is heading globally with the respect to its Global Members and Independent Representatives.



GBN is proud to be certified by the Direct Selling Equity




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The DSE verified GBN - Global Business Network, according to its trust rate from its beginning till now.
GBN agrees on the DSE Code of Ethics to protect the rights of its IRs - Independant Representitives.


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Basic - Lifetime

* Travel & Tourism - Limited (Hotels Only)

* Legal Services - All Paid

* Leisure & Entertainment - Limited Usage

* E-Learning - Limited Usage

* Advertising - Credit Available to Buy

* E-Shop - Limited Usage

Leisure and Entertainment


* Travel & Tourism - Unlimited Usage

* Legal Services - Free Consultation & Discounts

* Leisure & Entertainment - Unlimited Usage

* E-Learning - Unlimited Usage

* Advertising - Free Credits 10,000 Ad

* E-Shop - Unlimited Usage

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Latest News

2021 Membership Offer
  Dear Business Pertners,   ِAs usual Great news and great opportunity.Based on a suggestion from our Marketing Leaders and our continuous initiatives to support them.We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of Global Business Network has approved the activation of the $105 Membership for the year 2021.Congratulations to everyone for this opportunity, and we wish you greater successes and higher profits with the company.Take the advantage of this generous offer by upgrading your membership now and don't forget to invite your friends to join.     We wish you continued Health, and Success     Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 
2021 Offers
  Dear Business Partners,   2021 Offers has started and we are pleased to announce the February Offer.   Are you ready to get a 2 Nights Stay for 2 People at Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi ?!   If the answer is yes.  This is your right moment to achive it.         What do i need to do?!  Just follow the simple Plan below...         We are waiting to see you all here at Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi ...       Follow Us:     
New Website Updates
Dear Business Partners,   We have made some updates to the website, as some new pages were added, and some were modified.   We also made some improvements to the member's area to facilitate the follow-up process of the Marketing Network.   Kindly review the website changes and your member's area modification, and express your opinions or suggestions by communicating with the company from inside your account or the company's WhatsApp.     A Fresh Year is a Fresh Life. We wish you all the best and success for 2021         Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 
New Year - New Life
Dear Business Partners,   Life is not about getting and having, it is about giving and being.   You are never too old to set another goal or achieve a new dream. For that, the best way to predict the future is by creating one.   Tomorrow is the first blank page of your 365 pages book. What are you going to write in it?       A Fresh Year is a Fresh Life. I wish you all the best and success for 2021     CEO       Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 
2% CashBack
Dear All,   Due to the high demands and many requests from our Members on the Leisure and Entertainment Platform, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a preview on what the platform would look like when it's launched.   Moreover we would like to assure all our Members that Global Business Network Management and Team are ready from day one and have taken into considerations all the possibilities.   We hope you enjoy the Platform Preview and we would be happy to hear from you about your comments, ideas or concerns.     What are you waiting for? Try it yourself ...   Winning is a Habit,GBN Team 


Waleed Jamal Jawad :
" It is great. Good and easy withdrawal of my profits in only 30 minutes. GBN is the right way to make a big future for me and my family. My advice to anybody who reads this, don't be late to be a member of GBN. Waleed Jamal "

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