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Travel refers to the act of moving from one location to another. This can refer to long-distance travel, short-distance travel, overseas travel, domestic travel and various other forms. Crucially, travel also includes both round trips and one-way journeys, and it covers a wide variety of different travel purposes.


The Travel and Tourism PlatformTourism is regarded as the act of travelling to a different location, for either business or leisure purposes.


Sectors within the Travel and Tourism Industry:


Transportation: The transportation sector is one of the most obvious sectors that falls under both the travel and tourism umbrellas, and is concerned with the movement of people from one location to another. This includes a wide variety of different types of travels, including air, road, rail and water-based methods.


Accommodation: The travel and tourism industries also both contain the accommodation sector, with people requiring overnight accommodation for varying lengths of time.


Food & Beverage: Food and drinks are basic human needs and the food and beverage industry caters these needs among tourists and travelers.


Entertainment: Once tourists or travelers arrive at their chosen destination, they will often need entertainment, even if that was not the primary purpose of their journey.



The Travel and Tourism PlatformNowadays Travel companies globally, are gearing up for innovative and Cost-Effective solutions to market their products. More and more travel agencies are going online globally and online travel platforms development has become a buzz word.


GBN Travel & Tourism Platform is a comprehensive and powerful online booking system that was especially designed to meet our customers.



Features of our Travel & Tourism Platform:


Flights Booking: Our Domestic & International Ticket Booking system is linked to an online flight reservation system to fetch the online inventory to ensure you get the best online deals.


Hotel Booking: Our Domestic & International Hotels Booking system is also linked to an online Hotels reservation system to find the lowest tariffs available on hotels.


Holiday Packages: Wide range of Holiday Packages and Hot deals will be available for you to choose from on our booking system.


Car Rental: Our Travel & Tourism Platform will search online for you to find the best possible option available as per your search input.



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